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If you want to achieve your dream body without the stress of gym membership, then Fahad is your man! A powerlifter, personal trainer, training coach, and cross-fit trainer, Fahad is a content creator and an angel for people like you. His year of fitness and training experience makes him the perfect to work for us at our team ensures that reviews rely on the practical components for the smooth attain of your fitness goal.

Billy Brander

You can’t look for a better person than Billy for fitness advice. His accomplishments in the fitness department are evident proof of his love for physical wellbeing. Billy’s urge for the ideal figure and shedding those extra kilos made him numerous machines, like a treadmill and a Rowing machine. Thus, you can always rely on him for queries and reviews about all devices, like ellipticals, treadmills, and more.


I am Maryam, an instructor and a writer at I am blessed with the exciting job of an instructor, as I get to interact with people from all age groups. However, I design my workouts after studying the physical fitness and health conditions on my clients. My workout sessions varying from the lady in 60s dealing with diabetes to a teen bride to be struggling with obesity. Excuses for skipping work out and staying inactive is an everyday thing in my profession. But trust me! It worsens things, and you end up with more health problems. So, if you are too lazy to get out of the house, I suggest investing in a good exercise machine. You can get a good treadmill with advanced features, comfy padding to go easy on joints, accurate speed, and inclination modifications, which are easy to use. Hence, this is my take on staying fit without getting out of the comfort zone of your home.


With 5 years of experience in multidimensional freelancing, Ayesha is a competent writer for HomeGymion multi-dimensional of experience and has some of the best writings on fitness and health. Ayesha owns a master’s degree in mathematics, a freelance diploma and a graphics designing certificate. Since Ayesha has been into workouts, so she provides useful information about the best exercise machines for your home gym with her writings at