How to get boxing gloves

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Choosing the best punching bag or kickboxing gloves is essential for boxing success, whether your goal is to become the next Ali or you just want to be in better shape. It might be challenging to buy gloves that are both dependable and practical given the market’s vast array of sizing and brand alternatives.

How to get boxing gloves? Whether you are an experienced boxer or a newbie, safety must always come first. For high-impact activities, you should select gloves with adequate padding to protect your fists and wrists. 

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For both performance and safety, choosing the appropriate kind of boxing and kickboxing gloves is essential. Before making purchases, beginners can benefit from being informed about the various weights, sizes, types, and brands.

Types of boxing gloves:

How to get boxing gloves

Despite having a uniform appearance, boxing gloves can be customized to carry out various functions. There are two different styles of combat gloves and three different types of boxing gloves for training. Each design has a certain characteristic that best satisfies its intended application. 

  • Bag gloves
  • Training gloves
  • Sparring gloves
  • Competition boxing gloves



Three sizes of amateur boxing gloves are available:

  • Gloves weighing 10 oz. are often used by fighters in the 141-pound light welterweight division.
  • Competitors generally use boxing gloves measuring 12 ounces in weight classes from welterweight (152 pounds) to super heavyweight (over 201 pounds).
  • 41 and older Masters Division competitors often wear 16oz. gloves.

In addition, pro fighting gloves are separated into two size categories:

  • 8-ounce gloves are commonly used by a welterweight (147 lbs) and lower combatants.
  • Super welterweight (154 lbs) and higher fighters often use 10-ounce gloves.

For a broad grasp of how your measurements will correspond to a specific glove size, make sure to read the following sizing charts. To make sure you are obtaining the perfect fit for you, read the manufacturer’s brand-specific sizing chart before making a purchase. Keep in mind that some sizes may vary slightly between brands.

What weight boxing gloves should we get?

Gloves are available in a wide range of sizes and weights. Weights range from 10 to 20 ounces and are measured in ounces. The quantity of padding within the gloves determines the size. Although heavier weights offer more layers of protection, they typically slow down punching. Strength training can also be done with heavier gloves, while speed training can be done with lighter gloves.

More giant boxing gloves are ideal for beginners since they help prevent injuries. Boxers typically feel comfortable using lighter-weight gloves as their skill level rises. Boxing gloves should fit snugly but comfortably. When wrist wraps are worn, fingertip placement should be at the top of the gloves.


Glove weight Division and weight class LBS
Amateur 10 oz. Light welterweight and under 141
Amateur 12 oz. welterweight to super heavyweight 152 – 201+
Professional 8 oz. welterweight and under 147
Professional 10 oz. Super welterweight and over 154


What gloves do professional boxers use?

What gloves do professional boxers use?

  • Mike Tyson – Everlast
  • Tyson Fury – Everlast MX
  • Canelo Alvarez – Grant, Everlast
  • Conor McGregor – Everlast

The first step in mastering the sport of boxing is selecting the proper set of gloves. Choosing the best-fitting gloves can be made easier by being aware of the various sizes and brands. 

What size of boxing gloves are preferable for men?

  • Under 100 pounds: use 6 to 8 oz gloves
  • 100-150 pounds: use 8 to 12 oz gloves
  • 150-175 pounds: use 12 to 16 oz gloves
  • Over 175 pounds: use 16+ oz gloves

What size of boxing gloves is suitable for women?

  • 100-125 pounds: use 10 oz gloves
  • 125-150 pounds: use 12 oz gloves
  • Over 150 pounds: use 14 oz gloves

The standard punching bag workout gloves are 12 oz and 16 oz. Make sure the padding on children’s boxing gloves is thick enough to protect the knuckles, completely encloses the fist, and permits unrestricted movement. Children’s kickboxing gloves are frequently bigger and lighter than adult gloves. Most will begin with 6 oz.

Although the cost of gloves is greatly influenced by their brand and quality, boxing gear should not be prohibitively expensive. Here are some of the top boxing gloves for beginners under $100.

The cost of boxing gloves can vary greatly based on the brand name, durability, and material quality. Here are a few affordable options if you’re looking for the best boxing gear for beginners (prices shown for 16 oz. sizes)

Best boxing gloves for beginners under $100:

  • Title Boxing Gloves 3.0 – $29.99
  • Venum Elite Boxing Gloves – $79.99
  • Ringside Training Gloves – $49.99
  • Twins Special Boxing Gloves – $94.99
  • Pro Impact Boxing Gloves – $79.99

You can also purchase FightCamp Boxing Gloves separately which cost $149. These are made of high-quality genuine leather and are handcrafted, creating a durable and long-lasting glove.


We’ve covered a lot so far about How to get boxing gloves. However, you may still have concerns about how to get boxing gloves.

What size of boxing gloves should we use?

Boxing gloves are available for both sexes. The right size will depend on the wearer, the size of their hands, and whether they want to use the gloves for fighting or training. Here are some general gloves size recommendations.

What are the best boxing gloves for a heavy bag?

For anyone who demands nothing less than the best in bag gloves, “Title” manufactures a superb pair of heavy bag gloves that are ideal. Since bag gloves are constructed differently from sparring gloves, if you’re searching for anything entry-level, make sure the gloves are identified in their specifications as heavy bag gloves.

Which boxing gloves are ideal for training?

This straightforward list of the best 10 boxing gloves should help you if you’re unsure of what to choose for your training pair. All that matters is whether or not the glove fits snugly, how much shock is protected from your hands by the padding, and how the glove functions after repeated use. Online reviews on boxing gloves can be quite useful.

Final words

Are you looking for how to get boxing gloves? Finding the best boxing gloves is crucial, especially if you’re just starting out. Gloves not only aid in injury prevention, but they also significantly impact the standard of training. 

We’ve put up a guide to assist if you’re having difficulties deciding what size boxing gloves for women you should obtain or how to buy boxing gloves for beginners.

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