Why is my cardio so bad

Cardio fitness is not a comfortable activity to perform; in order to get benefits, one must put in a lot of effort by working on weight and cardio. Cardiovascular workouts are essential for maintaining excellent health. But what if you put in a lot of effort during your workout but still don’t see the desired effects?

Why is my cardio so bad? This is frequently caused by a lack of sufficient total cardiac exercise by employing a more relaxed stroll or jog. Additionally, not getting outside to practice cardio can contribute to this by forcing you to train on gym equipment. The third component can be inadequate diet and inadequate fueling of your body.

Measuring cardio fitness:

Why is my cardio so bad

You must measure your level of fitness in order to know it. Simply keeping track of your own workouts is one method. Record the activity you engage in, how long you engage in it, and the level of effort you put in. Then you may search for trends.

To make sure you are working in your desired heart rate zone, you can use a heart rate monitor or pay attention to your rate of perceived exertion. To describe your feelings at various intensities, use a scale of 1 to 10. A level 2 or 3 activity would be easy exercise. That would be closer to a 10 if you were sprinting hard.

Experienced exercisers, professional athletes, or individuals who enjoy participating in races are drawn to the more challenging exams. Fitness tests and results are built-in to some fitness bands and smartwatches that record resting and workout heart rates.

Without any complicated equipment, you may perform a Rockport walk test or a three-minute step test. To check your progress, try taking one or both of these tests every few weeks.

Treadmill Tests:

Your cardiovascular fitness can be assessed with treadmill testing by using the 9 best manual treadmills for home. These may entail working up to a very high level and are often delivered by a professional at a gym or lab.

  • The graded exercise test entails a lengthy series of treadmill intervals while keeping an eye on heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Working on a treadmill while having your heart rate, blood pressure, and level of effort measured is part of the Bruce protocol test.

Both of these tests are reliable but could be expensive and depends on how accurate are treadmills. You can perform other tests on your own without the use of an EKG machine or a blood pressure monitor.

The 3-Minute Step Test:

The 3-Minute Step Test:

One of the simplest techniques is the three-minute step test. You can take this test using a 12-inch step with a metronome, timer, or mobile phone app.

After three minutes of up-and-down pacing to the metronome, you sit down and monitor your heart rate for a full minute while counting each heartbeat. To actually see each heartbeat, it’s ideal to utilize a heart rate monitor or heart rate app. Check out the ratings in the tables below.

Ratings for Women Based on Age:

18-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 56-65 65+
Excellent 52-81 58-80 51-84 63-91 60-92 70-92
Good 85-93 85-92 89-96 95-101 97-103 96-101
Above Average 96-102 95-101 100-104 104-110 106-111 104-111
Average 104-110 104-110 107-112 113-118 116-121 116-121
Below Average 113-120 113-119 115-120 120-124 119-127 123-126
Poor 122-131 122-129 124-132 126-132 129-135 128-133
Very Poor 135-169 134-171 137-169 137-171 141-174 135-155

Ratings for Men Based on Age:

18-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 56-65 65+
Excellent 50-76 51-76 49-76 56-82 60-77 59-81
Good 79-84 79-85 80-88 97-93 86-94 87-92
Above Average 88-93 88-94 88-95 95-101 97-100 94-102
Average 95-100 96-102 100-105 103-111 103-109 104-110
Below Average 102-107 104-110 108-113 113-119 111-117 114-118
Poor 111-119 114-121 116-124 121-126 119-128 121-126
Very Poor 124-157 126-161 130-163 131-159 131-154 130-151

The Rockport Walk Test:

Even more straightforward than the others is the Rockport walk test. You warm up for this by walking a mile as quickly as you can, either outside or on a treadmill.

A Rockport 1-mile walk calculator is used to determine your ranking once you record your heart rate and workout duration. In order to determine exactly how far you are travelling, it is best to conduct this test on a track.

Improving Cardio Fitness:

It’s straightforward, if not always simple, to increase your cardio fitness. Cardio should be practiced frequently if you want to get better at it. Building endurance and fitness requires consistency especially if your my cardio so bad, which can be achieved in a number of ways, including the ones listed below.

  • Steady-state training
  • Interval training
  • Mix and match


What does it mean if my cardio fitness is low?

If your level of cardio fitness is low, your cardio so bad, you may have a long-term illness or simply prefer to stay still. Due to reduced oxygen levels, you will exhaust yourself more rapidly. Your BPM will be more erratic and take longer to normalize. A low-intensity workout will leave you feeling worn out.

Why practicing cardio alone won’t be helpful?

Burning calories is important when trying to reduce weight. The majority of individuals emphasise cardio exercises because they help burn a lot of calories quickly. 

The truth is that losing weight requires much more than just burning calories, and sticking to cardio alone won’t get you very far. If you have a question why is my cardio so bad there are several reasons to mix up your workout routine.


Cardio is a very beneficial form of exercise that, when performed properly, produces amazing effects. Why is my cardio so bad? To avoid making errors that impede your improvement, you should always pay close attention to how the workouts are carried out. 

Your overall health will suffer if you only focus on growing muscle and neglect to strengthen your cardiovascular system and endurance. You need to find a balance.

Now you have the answer to the question why my cardio so bad ,therefore when it’s not too hot and muggy, you should enjoy going for runs outside. When it is, though, concentrate on using the treadmill and a stationary cycle to get in a solid workout for my cardiovascular health.

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