Why Are Dumbbells So Expensive? is the most common question of every fitness lover. Here we give you a detailed answer to this question. Workouts are meant to make you stay healthy and mentally. But ever thought about what more you can do to your workout routine to give you an extra booster of fitness?

This is where extra workout accessories step in. The dumbbells are one of those accessories. Dumbbells are a solid iron designed into a selected shape, set to a selected weight, and crafted so we can easily pick it up and put it down.

Dumbbells are so Expensive because the dumbbells are definitely made with high-quality steel or iron. The money that it is available for in the market is worth it because of the material used. But every seller has different prices set for dumbbells. But since covid-19 came, the prices have gone a lot up than usual.

The covid-19 caused a global pandemic in 2020 which is still going on even in 2021. The start of this pandemic limited many of us to our homes.

Even though everything seemed negative about this pandemic, we can still lookout for the positive, right? The positivity about this pandemic was, we had a chance to give time to own selves. In a busy life, it was kind of hard to do self-care. But this pandemic was the time when we could focus on ourselves a little better.


Top Reasons Why Are Dumbbells So Expensive

Expensive Dumbbells In 2020 and 2021:

Now let’s talk about why are dumbbells so expensive 2020? Well, the pandemic made us quarantine in our houses, so more people started focus on their health. In result, the dumbbells prices started going up as more people started reaching out the gym market.

Here are some reasons why actually are dumbbells so expensive,

Ø Dumbbell Material:

The dumbbells are made from steel, iron, or metal. These materials used for making dumbbells definitely cost a lot. And if you want to buy the whole set of dumbbells, well keep that in mind that it will cost a lot. This is most common reason that why Dumbbells are So Expensive as well as other gym machine like Elliptical is also expensive.

The dumbbells are not fully made of steel or iron, they also have rubber on both of its end sides.

why are dumbbells so expensive

Ø Shortage:

As the pandemic came by, people started quarantining and the demand for gym equipment went high in the market. The dumbbells demand was also high in the market making the prices also go high.

Ø Shipping Cost:

When you order dumbbells online, do you know why the shipping cost is usually high? Well, shipping costs depend on the weight of the product too. The higher the weight of the product is, the higher will be the shipping charges. That is because high weight takes more fuel. So the higher shipping cost is justified.

The dumbbells are really heavy. When you think the weights are good for your workout, they also come with cost.

Also, the distance can affect the shipping cost too. If you live somewhere far from the seller, he will cost you more shipping charges.

Ø Storage:

Dumbbells take some space as well to be stored. Since they are heavy, they are stored in a hard box which can store the dumbbells easily. The box will also protect the dumbbells from damaging other things which are lighter in weight than them.

Ø Tax:

If you order dumbbells from other countries, you have to pay tax too. If you buy imported dumbbells from your local gym shop, the seller will charge the import tax from you.

Tax can vary from country to country. The tax on imported dumbbells from China will be different from tax on imported dumbbells from USA.

During the pandemic, the taxes actually went high as well, making the dumbbells become more expensive for you than usual.

Ø Holidays:

We all are aware of the fact that things get pretty expensive during holidays like in summer, spring, or even winter vacations. The dumbbells are no less behind from getting expensive as well during those days. During Christmas, the prices of every things gets double.

This event comes by at the end of the year and new year is just like 5 days away from Christmas, it is normal for prices to go up. Usually people make new year resolution at the end of the year and plans on doing workout, the sellers are aware of this and takes advantage of it by making the prices go up.

When Will Weights Be Cheap Again? :

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic is still there, the life is slowly getting back to how it was used to be before this pandemic. Thanks to our modern researchers who worked hard on how to control this pandemic, the life is getting back to how it used to be before.

Now that the things are getting back to normal, the prices are slowly reducing and you can expect dumbbells to become a little cheaper as well.


This article is made for all the fitness lovers and who wants to stay healthy and work on their body. The dumbbells are useful for a variety of upper and lower body and core exercises. I hope this best detail answer for your question why are dumbbells so expensive and clear all confusions.

They can be used for body building to losing body fat as well. The dumbbells are a great way to work out right inside your home without having the need to go to gym and pay gym fee every month. Even though they may be a little costly for you, they are worth every penny so go ahead and buy these masterpieces.

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