How long should you run on an elliptical to Lose Weight

If you are looking for a cardiovascular exercising machine that simulates your walking, running, or climbing all at the same time then, an elliptical is a popular choice for such motives. Here a question arises, how long should you run on an elliptical to lose weight?

Ellipticals are easier on knees. They don’t exert a lot of pressure and stress on bones and muscles and are fun to use. Also, ellipticals help in burning calories and provide resistance for your arms and legs unlike a treadmill or a bike. 

However, it’s hard to choose from both a treadmill and an elliptical workout machine. It is because they are more advanced in features and specifications. With the technical advancements, they are made multipurpose. Where people choose treadmills for workouts, a majority of them go with the ellipticals.

The elliptical Vs Treadmill got settled when it came to knowing that an elliptical has several benefits in terms of health, over the treadmill. It is because it engages the upper body, has a lower impact on muscles and knees and it can be used in a reversed position to cope with various muscle groups, simultaneously. 

How long should you run on an elliptical to Lose Weight?

If you are a newbie on this machine, it is recommended to start a workout session with less time. The reason is that your body is not used to the machine so it’s not worth it to burden it in the initial phase.

You need to understand your body and the capabilities of your body. Start with a warm-up, get your body used to the machine and workouts, and then start to expect a certain change in your weight and psyche.

Initially, for the first few days, it is recommended to spend a good 10 minutes on the machine. Gradually increase the time.

If your concern is losing weight on an elliptical then, an average 30-60 minutes on the machine is good to go. 

However, the time may vary from one person to another.

Whereas, if your concern is to reduce weight gain and risk of diseases then, an average 150 minutes per week is a good duration, as per the studies. 

There are some who intend to lose weight or train certain muscles of the body so, depending on the need of the person, the time on an elliptical may vary. 

What you need to take care of is your heart rate during the workout. As soon as you are made aware of your maximum heart rate, you would be able to understand the duration, frequency and intensity of the machine. 

This way, it would become easy for you to understand your body’s capabilities and it’s limits. 

For best results, it is highly recommended to be consistent with your workout plan. You cannot achieve your desired weight and psyche overnight. Consistency is the key. Also, you need to take care of your diet as well. Healthy diet with a consistent workout plan helps you achieve your target in less time.

It is because 80% of the results are achievable with the balanced diet plan and the rest 20% depends on the consistent workout plan. That’s how you achieve your desired weight and body structure. 

What will happen with the overuse of ellipticals?

Anything and everything can be purposeful and beneficial to you if you use it in limits. Workouts and exercises on ellipticals not only come up with the best results but are fun to use as well. 

However, it doesn’t mean if you are enjoying the workout, you spend hours on it without relaxing your muscles, spine and bones. 

Insufficient or wrong frequencies and time durations on an elliptical machine can give you negative results or results not up to the mark and your expectations. 

When is the time you should avoid the elliptical usage?

Soon after the workout on the elliptical, if you find your body in pain every time, it’s recommended not to use it. If you have encountered any muscle fracture or bone displacement, it is strictly not recommended to carry your workout on ellipticals. Also, if there’s any injury like IT band syndrome or Achilles, ellipticals are not recommended to such people. 

Considering all these points, it’s the time you should avoid elliptical usage. 

That being said, you need to be aware of all the mentioned factors while you perform your workout on an elliptical. Also, you must have got the answer about the time duration on it as to how long you should run on an elliptical. Also, how the overuse of the machine can be damaging for yourself and your body. Happy running!

FAQ’s About how to run on an elliptical?

Q. Do ellipticals help lose belly fat?

A. Ellipticals are helpful in toning body muscles and burning fats and calories. Certain exercises on elliptical, it can help you burn belly fat as well.

Q. Is it okay to use an elliptical everyday?

A. With an excessive and daily usage on an elliptical, you might encounter the risk of overtraining. Your body needs rest and time to heal. It is recommended not to use ellipticals everyday. 

Q. Which is better, a Treadmill or an elliptical?

A. Both of the options can be helpful in reducing weight gain and body fitness. However, if you face a musculoskeletal condition, an elliptical can be the best option for your workout plan. Whereas, if your concern is to burn calories and fat and if you want to build up leg strength and speed then, a treadmill can be your best choice. 

Q. Which brand manufactures the best ellipticals in 2021?

A. As per the stats, the NordicTrack manufactures the best elliptical models of high quality at great prices. 

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