How to move an elliptical in 2022 (step by step)

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One of the most positive decisions you can take today is to switch to a healthy routine. There are hundreds if not thousands of benefits of controlling your diet and working out regularly. 

For starters, you might want to slowly reduce your intake and walk as much as you can. As you progress on your journey it is wise to keep challenging yourself for a more strenuous workout routine. Downloading fitness applications on your smartphone is a brilliant way of embarking on this journey.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have started focusing a whole lot more on their health. It has also become apparent that to get your physical activity levels to rise you do not need to go to a gym.

People are working out from the comfort of their homes and slowly making investments to upgrade their exercise equipment such as ellipticals and treadmills

However, people are often confused when it comes to moving their equipment around the house. In this article, we will focus on How to move an elliptical, treadmills, etc. safely from one point to another.

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Moving your machine

Step 1: Pre-Planning

If you are planning to buy an exercise machine, make sure to do your research concerning the type of flooring you have at your place. You should make sure to keep any instruction manuals that come with your elliptical or other machines. Furthermore, it is key that you take care of any spare parts like screws, etc. that might be included in the box. 

Step 2: Bringing your machine home

After your purchase is complete you need to make sure the transportation back home is safe and secure. You may want to rent a van that can do the job or you can carry it in the back of your truck if you own one. Whatever you do, safety must be your number one priority.

Step 3: Moving your machine across a room

If you own an exercise machine you will find yourself moving it around your house quite a lot. In the case you have a dedicated workout room, this may not be the case. However, more often than not people move their machines around regularly.


Most ellipticals come with a base that can be retracted upwards causing the machine to fold. The base here is the part beneath the pedals when the elliptical is fully expanded. You should first lift the base and reduce the size of the elliptical for easier movement.

After it has been folded you should safely move it using its wheels as this is the best way to do so, it will protect your flooring as well as surroundings. If your elliptical does not have transport wheels, you should take the help of another person to make sure you move it safely.

How to move an elliptical


Compared to an elliptical, a treadmill is a much more bulky piece of machinery. Under no circumstances should you try to move it without someone around you. Make sure to fold the treadmill and confirm if the base has locked when pushed upward.

After that use the transport wheels and safely maneuver your way around the house. Take the help of someone if possible while moving it.

Dumbbells and Barbells:

It is fairly easy to move dumbbells around the house but even in this case, it is key that you make sure you do not lift more weight than you can easily handle. Make sure to place your dumbbells on the floor and preferably beneath a bed or sofa.

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Step 4: Reverting it to a useable state

After your exercise equipment has been moved around, make sure to return it to its original form as it is often recommended not to leave machines in their transportation form for long. Make sure that the machine fits the new area without restricting walking space or scratching furniture. 

After doing the above, start the machine and carry out a test to check if it is working optimally. Switch off the machine if not in use and unplug it.

Step 5: Moving your machine on a staircase

In the case of smaller machines, it is safe to move them up or down a staircase. You must make sure to take the help of another person or two. However, when it comes to larger machines such as a treadmill you should never attempt to move them on a staircase without professional help.

Step 6: Working Out

Voila, you are now informed about the process of moving a machine from one point to another. The next step is to start using it and getting your workout done. As you can notice, it is an easy process but one must follow all protocols to ensure safety at all times.

The Final Verdict

The above summarizes the process of moving any type of machinery from one point to the other, however, there are a few more things you must make sure to do when owning a machine, not just moving it.

Here we have addressed some concerns regarding moving your machine, including elliptical.

Cleaning your machine: If more than one person uses a machine you must make sure to clean it every time after use. If only you use it you must still routinely clean your machine as keeping it unhygienic for long isn’t a wise decision. You can clean it with a damp cloth, or even better sanitize it. 

Reading manuals: Reading instruction or safety manuals for a device is always a good idea. It informs you about the nuances of owning the device.

Not only should you keep these manuals safe for reference, but you should also read them thoroughly before you start using your machine. 

Using your customer rights: Electrical machines are prone to wear and tear and may require routine assessment and service. In this case, always contact your seller and ask them to help you maintain your machine. The importance of this is that the use of official channels guarantees that your machine stays in optimal condition.

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