Best weight bench under $200

We’ve been researching and writing extensive evaluations on the best weight bench under $200. You’ll need the best weight bench if you desire huge pecs and have the space. Although you can do much more than bench press on a weight bench, it is always a good place to start.

This article includes all of the greatest weight bench, from the more costly ones we recommend to the more economical ones that most people purchase. Even the cheapest weight bench option on this best weight bench list is preferable to exercising with two chairs pressed together. It’s surprising what a good set of weights and even a cheap weight bench can accomplish. We’ve got everything here, from great deals for those on a budget to full-fledged versions with all the bells and whistles. Weight benches for home use come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with prices reflecting additional amenities and overall build quality.

Stability will be an issue, and the lack of adjustability will limit the range of exercises that can be done. Those trying to move heavy metal, on the other hand, may find inexpensive equivalents fragile.

List of the best weight bench under $200:

To set up a personal gym together, an adjustable weight bench would be a good investment. Adjustable benches are a type of home gym equipment that has a small footprint, is easy to store, and provides effective full-body workouts that target various muscle groups such as abs, back, chest, glutes, arms, hamstrings, and core without breaking the bank, making them ideal for your home gym setup.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest weight bench under $200, along with tips on what to look for before making a purchase, so you don’t have to waste time deciding.

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  1. RitFit Adjustable/Foldable Utility Bench for Home Gym, Weightlifting, and strength Training:
  2. FLYBIRD Weight Bench:
  3. PERLECARE Adjustable Weight Bench for Full Body Workout- Foldable Flat/Incline/Decline Workout Bench:
  4. Bowflex 3.1 Adjustable Bench
  5. Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench for Weight Training and Ab Exercises:

 1- RitFit Adjustable/Foldable Utility Bench for Home Gym, Weightlifting, and Strength Training

Best weight bench under $200

Specifications table:

ColorPure Black
MaterialFoam, Alloy Steel, leather
Weight limit800 pounds
Item Package Dimension31.4 x 15.2x 12.4 inches


This durable bench from RIT fitness is made of a strong steel frame and is ideal for usage at home. It has a weight capacity of 510 pounds and is suitable for individuals up to 6 feet tall. Soft leather covers the ergonomic bench, which is padded with substantial foam underneath.

Leg and ankle foam roller pads that are contoured provide the best support and comfort. It’s more than adequate for your workout with four seat pad modifications and six back adjustable back paid positions.

There are additionally inclining, decreasing, and flat postures for weightlifting and various workout positions. Another appealing feature is its portability. This bench may be readily moved about your home. 

It may be folded and stored in your trunk, closet, under your bed, or anywhere else in your room. This bench is well-made and easy to modify. It comes virtually fully constructed and includes two wrenches for easy completion.

Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.

  • Foldable and easy to store. There is only a small amount of assembly required. Folds up easy to fit against a wall, into a closet, or under a bed.
  • Stable in all positions and made of solid materials.
  • Low upkeep is required.
  • The structure is covered by a 3-year warranty, and the upholstery is covered for 30 days.
  • There are 36 workout posters included for you to follow.
  • Bench press is not advised.
  • When utilizing padded material, it is slick.

2- FLYBIRD Weight Bench


Specifications table:

MaterialFaux Leather
Dimensions34.65 x 15.94 x 10.63 inches
Item Weight28.5 lbs


With this Adjustable weight Bench from FLYBIRD, losing weight and building muscle in the comfort of your own home has never been easier. It’s made of commercial-grade steel with a weight capacity of up to 700 pounds and a unique triangular support structure.

If you’re having trouble finding the right training angle, this adaptable bench is for you. It has seven backrest configurations and three seat options. This may be adjusted to various levels, allowing you to perform exercises and full-body workouts including shoulder presses, inclined double presses, standard bench pressing, and sit-ups.

A 2-inch cushioning is included on both the backrest and the seat to assure your comfort while exercising. It’s also simple to assemble and fold, making it a great space saver.

Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.

  • Foldable and easy to store
  • It’s not necessary to construct it.
  • Foam padding that is non-slip
  • Includes a one-year warranty on the frame and a 30-day warranty on the pads.
  • It’s not the best choice for heavy lifting.

3- PERLECARE Adjustable Weight Bench for Full Body Workout- Foldable Flat/Incline/Decline Workout Bench:


Specifications table:

MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Package Dimensions31.9 x 12.4 x 11.5 inches
Package Weight12.91 kilograms


This PERLECARE multi-functional bench with an adjustable weight bench, belly board, preacher curl, and glute bridge are ideal for a full-body workout at home. 

With a maximum weight capacity of 772 lbs. (including user weight), it also includes 7 backrest levels and 2 ankle position adjustments, allowing you to effortlessly transition between flat, decline, and inclination positions and conduct a variety of workouts in a little area. This adjustable bench is composed of scratch-resistant steel and can withstand a variety of workouts.

Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.

  • 2 exercise bands are included for warm-ups.
  • Memory foam cushion is included.
  • Stability is provided by non-slip foot pads.
  • When folded, the size is quite portable.
  • During installation, there’s a chance you’ll lose several screws and knobs.

4- Bowflex 3.1 Adjustable Bench:


Specifications table:

Weight0.68 pounds
Item Package Dimensions56 x 26 x 20 inches


The Bowflex 3.1 is a high-quality, multifunctional bench made of high-density, heavy-duty steel at an affordable price. The Bowflex bench is built to last, as seen by the 15-year frame warranty. The Bowflex 3.1 is a beginner and intermediate weight trainer with a maximum user and weight load of 480 pounds.

The Bowflex 3.1 is included in our list of the best affordable weight benches because of its excellent construction. There is no movement in the frame or the seat. The ladder adjustment system gives the back support a sturdy feel. It should be versatile enough for most people, with complete 90-degree, flat, and inclination adjustment angles.

It’s always nice to see a low-cost bench with 90-degree seated press angles. The bench has a descent as well, with support pads for further stability, which are luckily detachable. 

The seat is soft and comfortable, with just the proper amount of padding, however it is unfortunately not adjustable! You cannot go wrong with Bowflex, a well-known and reputable business in the home gym sector, if you are searching for a very well-made adjustable, robust weight bench. The Bowflex 5.1 bench appears to be well-made and of decent quality. According to the pamphlet in the package, if you have any problems, call Nautilus technical support at the number provided. 

Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.

  • Heavy duty, stable build.
  • 4 positions, 45, 90 flat and decline
  • Leg brace support for decline workouts
  • Wide seat
  • Easy to assemble
  • 15-year frame guarantee and 1-year upholstery
  • Doesn’t fold for storage
  • Seat isn’t adjustable

5- Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench for Weight Training and Ab Exercises


Specifications table:

MaterialAlloy Steel, Foam
Item Dimensions43 x 14 x 17 inches
Item Weight9.07 kilograms
Weight limit600 pounds


If you’re looking for a simple yet effective flat utility bench, go no further than this one from Marcy. The powder-coated heavy-duty steel tube frame can withstand wear and tear from heavy use and intense workouts.

With a maximum weight capacity of 600 lbs. (including user weight), it not only provides safe support for your workout, but its high-density foam and boxed upholstery also make it quite pleasant. When room is limited, this bench is ideal. The pad’s scarlet stitching makes it appear more expensive than it is. The pad is really firm, which is ideal for all of my requirements. 

Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.

  • High-density foam is used.
  • Simple and long-lasting
  • During installation, there’s a chance you’ll lose certain nuts and knobs.

Things to consider before buying best weight bench under $200:


The addition of a weight bench to your home gym is a worthwhile investment. It’s extremely adaptable, as it may be used for a variety of activities. Because you may target multiple muscle groups in one workout session, a flat bench, or one with variable adjustment angles, is a great choice for weightlifting.

Even better, it’s ideal for women, men, lifting newcomers, and those at the top of their fitness game. However, this isn’t the only benefit of having a bench in your home gym. Take a look at these four compelling arguments for purchasing a weight bench.

To make your search a little bit easier, we compiled a list of the finest weight benches based on the following criteria:


All of the products listed here are affordable and suitable for a wide range of budgets.


The benches in this overview cover a wide range of training needs, from weight racks to adjustable seating.

Customer Satisfaction:

We incorporated weight benches that routinely meet and exceed customer expectations.

Company Reputation:

Brands that have been evaluated based on their business criteria are included in our collection.


For maximum longevity, we looked for benches built of high-quality materials such as heavy-duty steel.

Other points to consider about while choosing a weight bench are:


Any workout, particularly weightlifting, requires a strong, stable surface. Look for a bench with rubber grips that sits flat on the floor and won’t move around.

  • When it comes to exercising properly and securely, stability is essential.
  • Many of the least expensive benches on the market are insufficiently stable for the needs of the buyer.
  • It’s critical to strike a balance between the bench’s weight and the level of stability it offers.
  • Weight, size, base length, and adjustment points make up the majority of the factors that contribute to stability.


This is crucial so that customers may boost the bench’s adaptability by using it for a variety of activities. For some people, this may include several adjustable settings for the seat and backrest.

While some models may provide inclination, flat, and decline with a variety of angles in between, others may be far more constrained. The bench that buyers select should have sufficient adjustment positions to accommodate their diverse exercises.


Pay close attention to the proportions, especially if you’re short on room or plan to use the bench with a power rack or other home gym. You’ll also want to make sure the bench is long enough if you’re taller than 6 feet (183 cm).

We should be able to find a bench in this price range that is durable, substantial, and heavy-duty, not commercial-grade, but with heavy-duty frames. We’d like a bench with a minimum weight of 450 pounds plus user load; 1000 pounds would be ideal, but it would mean benches costing two to three times as much.

Maximum Range of Motion:

Another thing to think about is the type of bench you’ll need. Adjustable benches provide for more diversified workouts than flat benches, which are perfect for ab exercises and bench presses.

Attachments and Accessories:

  • Some users place a higher value on attachments than others.
  • A bench’s versatility can be increased by numerous attachments, enabling users to perform a variety of exercises.
  • Attachments could contain:
  • Leg extender and developer
  • Footholds
  • Handles 
  • Wheels
  • squat rack
  • compatibility with other machines, such as the smith machine and squat rack.
  • attachments for resistance bands
  • flexible pads

Some benches come with barbell racks, elbow padding, and leg extenders, while others are merely benches. The majority of weight benches have rollers (wheels) built into the back stabilizers.

This function can come in handy because adjustable benches typically weigh between 50 and 90 pounds, and you’ll be moving the bench around a lot if you’re doing rack work or dumbbell workouts. Rollers make moving the bench to different workout places in your home gym and storing it much easier.

Ease of Use:

Some benches are more adaptable than others. Check out user reviews to select a bench that requires little effort to move and modify.


  • Depending on the brand and type, benches come in a wide range of maximum weight capacities.
  • A bench’s weight capacity should be high enough to support the user’s bodyweight in addition to any free weights they want to use.
  • Allowing for progressions, strength increases, and higher weights is a wonderful idea.
  • Overriding maximum weight limits may be dangerous.


The seat, like many others, was significantly wider where you put your knees. This might be off-putting and inconvenient, and it can have an impact on your workout. The bench seat should be narrower at the back and only slightly wider where your knees meet it.

Avoid benches with a wide range of widths. The seat cushion should not be too soft to cause stability concerns, nor should it be too rigid to be uncomfortable. Look for high-density foam in the upholstery as a clue.

Back Pad Position:

The back support on a commercial weight bench will most likely include up to seven adjustment angles. The more adjustment angles a bench you buy at home offers, the better, especially if you want to do incline and decline workouts that you can’t do on a flat bench.


For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding the best weight bench under $200.

Are weight benches worth it?

A weight bench should be part of your home gym setup if you want to grow muscle at home. Weight benches may be used for a lot more than bench pressing, but that should be enough of a reason to purchase one because bench pressing is one of the ‘big 5’ exercises that can give you a full-body workout and train nearly every muscle in your body.

What should I pay for a weight bench?

Treadmills and ellipticals with high-end features can cost upwards of $10,000. A weight bench, on the other hand, is far more inexpensive, with only a few models costing more than $500.

Even better, the average cost of an entry-level FID bench or a mid-sized rack and bench combination is less than $200.

However, for your new weight bench, we propose starting with a budget of $300. This offers you access to higher-quality FID benches with bigger weight capacities, allowing you to make significant strength gains over time. They also have a tendency to provide lengthier warranties.

Where will it be positioned?

Finding the ideal place is usually a time-consuming process. However, several businesses now offer room design software to assist you in finding the ideal location for your new equipment.

You may change the proportions, furniture, door openings, and even window locations in a prepared room template. After that, simply drag a weight bench into the drawing and choose the optimum position.

Is a decline bench necessary?

Every bench press variation will use your pectoral muscles to some extent. Simply put, the decline helps to focus the weight over your lower chest. This leads to improved total chest growth, which is beneficial for competing as well as maintaining a balanced physique.

Is there a limit to how many incline settings I can use?

The adaptability of a weight bench is one of the reasons it is so popular in both home and commercial gyms.

A good bench can accommodate dozens of various workouts for every major muscle group, depending on the type. Leg extensions, incline dumbbell presses, dumbbell pullovers, and decline sit-ups are all examples.

The normal decline angle will be no more than -10 degrees, and you’ll probably just have one decline setting. After that, you’ll proceed to a flat position and then a succession of inclination degrees until you’re standing up.


This study has done a great job of introducing you to the best weight bench under $200. Weight benches are a must-have piece of home gym equipment that can be used for a variety of workouts, both with and without weights.

While selecting a seat can be difficult, the good news is that there is a bench to suit almost any best budget. We’re convinced that utilising this list as a guide will help you locate the greatest training weight bench for your needs.

It only goes to show that you don’t have to pay a lot of money to get a good adjustable weight bench. A few benches in this price range impressed me, but the Flybird bench stood out above the rest.

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