Exercising from home is a terrific alternative to going to the gym, but it frequently raises a lot of issues. Like Are Treadmills allowed in apartments is very confusing for every fitness lover. Here we give a detailed answer.

However, whether you live in a gym or own a home with plenty of privacy from a suspicious neighbor, you might be hesitant to bring a treadmill to your apartment.

“Can you have a treadmill in apartment?” is a common question. Having a treadmill in your apartment is possible; but, before making such a large expenditure, verify with your landlord or lease contract. Keep in mind that running on the treadmill generates noise and vibrations throughout the apartment, which might be annoying to those living below you.

You’ll almost probably be fine if you walk at a slower speed and use suitable padding. Furthermore, be considerate of your neighbors by not putting a treadmill above the downstairs unit’s bedroom.

The article will discuss whether to put a treadmill in an apartment or not. Besides, we also provide some helpful tips to reduce noise from the treadmill.


Having Treadmills in an apartment:

Many of us however, live in apartment complexes where it might be a little tricky to know if a treadmill will be ok to use. The article will discuss whether to put a treadmill in an apartment or not.

Having the option to run on a treadmill at home, can be a huge advantage for some people. You can almost always have a treadmill in your apartment. However, there are numerous variables to consider, like space, time of use, noise, the width of your door frames, and so on.

Asking yourself these questions first can save you a lot of time and aggravation later on:

Is it permissible within my rental agreement? It’s also a good idea to double-check the details of your lease agreement with your landlord before acting.

  1. Do I Have Enough Room?
  2. Is my electrical system capable of handling the load?
  3. Will My Neighbors Be Affected?
  4. What is Below My Apartment?

Quiet Treadmills for apartment:

Before you even buy a treadmill and start to worry about the noise, make sure to get a quiet treadmill for apartment. Some treadmills simply have a loud motor while others have a quieter motor.

The quality of the treadmill and the power of the motor play a role here. But the surrounding material does as well. A weaker motor produces more noise when set on a higher setting than a stronger motor set on the same setting level.

When shopping for a quiet treadmill, you must focus on some features such as running features, stable base, shock absorption and size. You can alternatively put them on a 3/4-inch plywood piece with extra-heavy padding to reduce thumping.

Here are five fast ways to reduce treadmill noise:

  • Make use of an equipment noise reduction mat.
  • Stay away from shaky settings.
  • Observe the maintenance schedule.
  • Place it in the corner of the room.
  • Treadmill should be placed in a strategic location (flat and stable surface).
  • Run during off hours.
  • Instead of running, you should walk.

consider soundproofing your exercise room (soundproof a wall, soundproof the door, soundproof the ceiling or window, soundproof the floor).

  •   Contact your neighbor.
  •   When Your Neighbors Are Away, Workout.
  •   Purchase a quality pair of running shoes or go barefoot.
  • Lube up the treadmill.
  • Get an elliptical machine or an exercise bike instead.

To summarize, it comes down to two factors: the sound of the motor inside of the treadmill, which you can avoid by purchasing a motorless treadmill, and the sound of your feet hitting the belt, which produces any number of noises.

Best Treadmills for apartment:

It’s now easier than ever to find the ideal treadmill for your apartment.  While selecting a treadmill, there are a few things to keep in mind. Space is an important element to consider, especially if you’re living in a condo, apartment or similar living conditions. Probability, features, operation, budget.

Compact treadmills for small space are a perfect fit for apartments that have a premium on extra space. There is certain to be an ideal model for you, regardless of your budget or space constraints.

There are the five best treadmills for apartments named Weslo Cadence G5.9, NordicTrack Commercial 1650, Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill, Nordictrack T 6.5S, Xterra TR150 Treadmill. While we like all of the models on our list, the Sunny Health and Fitness Asuna 7750 is our top pick.

This is owing to its low cost, outstanding functionality, and beneficial extra features.

Could a Treadmill cause damage?

A treadmill will always have the potential to cause damage to your living apartment. It is also critical to place your treadmill carefully in order to protect it. Even the lightest treadmills are heavy, and jogging on one puts a lot of strain on both the treadmill and the surface it’s on.

It may appear simple, but by positioning your equipment and floor in the proper location, you may extend the life of both. We recently recommended using a specific mat to protect the floor and your treadmill; this is a cost-effective way to protect everything.

For best results, place the mat on top of a harder surface. Placing your treadmill on a carpet is also a possibility, but make sure it’s not one that you care too much about.

Before you buy a treadmill, you should also know that it will sometimes require lubrication and maintenance.

Last but not least, make sure your treadmill is on a level surface with a couple of feet of space on all sides, acquire a specific treadmill mat if at all feasible, and use a clean surface to avoid dust/fiber being drawn under the belt or into the motor.

Are treadmills too noisy for apartments?

A treadmill will not be loud for your apartment if you purchase a quieter model. It also depends on the treadmill and the apartment. It should not be an issue if you reside on the ground floor with no one underneath you.

It will depend on how effectively the floor is insulated, as well as the treadmill’s ability to reduce the pounding of your feet while running, if you have other tenants living beneath you.

It’s also a good idea to utilize it responsibly and not too late at night or too early in the morning.

Do treadmills work in upstairs apartments?

The simple answer is that most treadmills can potentially operate in most upstairs flats, but it’s more a question of how it will influence your neighbors (particularly beneath you). Most of the time what’s beneath you will be either another residential apartment or commercial space.

Another point to consider is the weight of your treadmill; carrying it upstairs might be difficult, and the constant weight on the floor can be dangerous if the apartment complex was built in the 1950s or 1960s.

What is treadmill alternative for apartments?

These are the quietest solutions if your apartment management refuses to allow you to use a treadmill because it may disturb other occupants: elliptical, stationary bike, recumbent exercise bike, air walker, rower, versa climber, edge.

What are best brands of treadmills for apartments in the market?

Horizon, NordicTrack, Sunny Health and Fitness, and more respectable, inexpensive, and well-known treadmill brands are available in the market for apartments.


While using a treadmill in an apartment is acceptable, there are a few things to consider. These mostly deal with the machine’s volume, noise, and weight. Your upstairs flat isn’t the best spot for it if you can’t find a way to quiet the engine down.

It’s the same with weight: can your floor take it without squeaking or collapsing? Finally, the best treadmills for residential apartments have a strong frame and a silent mortar.

Look for a treadmill that is less heavy. Even the most enormous treadmill is unlikely to be too much for your floor to handle.

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