Can treadmills be kept in garage? 2022 Easy Guide

For a variety of reasons, it can be difficult to find a suitable location for your treadmill inside your home. It’s difficult to decide where to put a treadmill, indoors or outside? This causes individuals to default to using a garage or a shed to store most other items that don’t fit inside the house.

Although this is a very convenient location for storage, can treadmills be kept in garage? Treadmills take up a lot of room, and they don’t always match your home’s decor. A tempting answer is to store them in an out-of-the-way location, such as your garage.

Manufacturers, on the other hand, strongly advise against it, especially if the garage is unheated, and it may void your guarantee. Most regular size treadmills are safe to store in the garage, despite the wide fluctuation in temperature and humidity levels that occur throughout the year, though most treadmill manufacturers do not cover the treadmill’s guarantee if it is in the garage.

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Treadmills in garage ideas?

can treadmills be kept in garage? However, for a variety of reasons, the garage may not be suited for a treadmill such as: unsuitable temperature, dust accumulation. If a treadmill of any age receives too much sun, it is at risk for cracking, melting, sun bleaching.

Aside from temperature, dust, and filth concerns, one of the most crucial considerations to consider before storing your treadmill in the garage is safety.

One of the biggest benefits of installing the treadmill in your garage is that you can isolate the treadmill’s noise from the rest of your house. You won’t have to endanger your life by running in the rain or snow if you have a treadmill in your garage.

Instead, you can run inside your garage, safe and warm, and concentrate on perfect running technique.

There are 2 things to consider while storing your treadmill in garage:

Ø Size:

The most typical dimension for a one-car garage is 12 feet wide by 22 feet deep, but 14 x 22 and 16 x 24 are also popular.

When compared to the average size of a good treadmill, which in our case is the NordicTrack T 8.5 S, which measures 78.5 x 35.5 x 59 inches (approximately 6.5 x 3 x 5 feet), there should be enough room in the garage to store your treadmill, especially if you park your car outside.

Ø Temperature and humidity ranges:

The ideal temperature for running on a treadmill is between 50-105 degrees °F. It is advised that the treadmill be kept at room temperature (68–72 °F) for at least three hours after being exposed to below freezing temperatures (32 °F).

During the summer, your garage temperature may be 20 degrees or more than the outside temperature. This implies that during the hot summer months, when temperatures can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, your garage could be 20 degrees warmer.

All of this is to indicate that if you plan on installing your treadmill in your garage, it might be a good idea to insulate it. This is an excellent method for maintaining a relatively constant temperature.

Benefits of storing your Treadmills in garage:

Aside from the obvious benefit of saving valuable inside space, storing your treadmill in the garage has a number of other perks. Treadmills, for example, maybe quite noisy, especially when running. You should buy treadmill for small space if you get more benefits.

Older versions may also have noisier motors, which can generate a lot of noise between the beating on the belt and the vibrations on the floor. Keeping your treadmill in the garage can help to reduce noise in your home and keep family members from being disturbed by your workout.

Another advantage of placing your treadmill in the garage is that it will be out of reach of curious children who might accidentally press the start button and have their hands, hair, or feet stuck in the belt.

Finally, you won’t have to worry about sweat dripping down your back. with your treadmill in the garage, particularly if you place a mat down underneath it. With the treadmill in the garage, your carpets and hardwood floors may now be protected from salt and scratches.

Can you keep a Treadmills in your garage?

While installing a treadmill in your driveway is feasible, it is not necessarily a good idea. It’s impossible to predict when it will rain. Furthermore, if you place your treadmill outside, it will be exposed to dust, pollen, insects, and the heat of the sun.

If you have to store or set your treadmill outside, keep it out of direct sunlight to avoid damaging the electrical components. To keep the treadmill conveyor belt clean, you should have a vacuum cleaner or a brush on available.

You’ll be able to maintain your treadmill working smoothly for years to come if you follow our basic treadmill maintenance tips. Another consideration if you want to keep your treadmill outside is whether you have a flat surface on which to set it up.

As far as treadmill longevity and safety are concerned, it’s vital to keep your treadmill on a level surface free of rocks, grass, weeds, and other rubbish. Keep a broom or vacuum near the belt to clear dust and other outdoor material from it and the surrounding areas, lowering the chances of random objects becoming stuck in the motor or harming the belt.

Outdoor Treadmill cover:

If you keep your treadmill in your garage, make sure it’s covered with a water-resistant treadmill cover or plastic wrap that’s large enough to protect it from dust and the cold while it’s not in use. A treadmill cover is easy to find on the internet.

Outdoor Treadmill covers are also available individually. Many sporting goods stores sell these, or you may make your own with a cover built expressly for patio furniture. They’re not outrageously expensive.

A decent treadmill cover should have the following characteristics: UV protection, mildew resistance, and waterproof materials are all features of this product. Before you do that, ensure the treadmill is set on a mat or a wide piece of fabric to keep dust out from below it. This will help to reduce the amount of dirt entering the treadmill.

The factors that impact the installing of a treadmill machine in your garage are thoroughly explained in our article. However, it provides no answers to the questions we receive on a daily basis.

As a result, we’ve decided to respond to a few questions below.

Is it ok to install a treadmill in the garage?

Yes, it is OK to put a treadmill in the garage – as long as you can adequately protect it from dust, water damage, etc. If this bothers you during the summer months when you want to get some brief exercise outside, consider investing in a treadmill intended for cold weather (outside).

Treadmill manufacturers, on the other hand, insist that your treadmill should not be kept in the garage, especially if it is not heated.

Is it safe to work out in front of an open garage door?

No, you should not use a treadmill with an open garage door. Where there may be passing traffic, as this puts you at risk of being hit by an oncoming vehicle. When possible, you should always exercise on your treadmill indoors (especially if there are small children left unattended in another room).

How do I install a treadmill in my garage?

The ceiling height in a garage normally ranges from 7 to 9 feet (for taller two-car garages). You should be able to transport your treadmill around by hand if it is light enough; however, if it is too heavy, consider enlisting the help of a friend or hiring movers with a suitable vehicle for the job.

If you have a treadmill in your garage, utilize a treadmill cover at the very least when it’s not in use. Clean your garage thoroughly before installing the treadmill and place it on a mat. This will aid in the removal of dirt from the treadmill.

What is the best way to turn my garage into a gym?

Physical activity is beneficial to all members of your family, which is why having a gym in your garage is beneficial to all. However, because overloading your garage would make it impossible to move around securely, you should only set up the equipment that each individual requires to stay fit and healthy.


It is possible to install a treadmill in your garage, but you must take critical safety steps to protect yourself and the people who live with you.

There is no one-size-fits-all treadmill, but there are lots of options to suit just about every fitness level and personal preference (from folding frame treadmills to walking belt suspension style). So, before determining what type you need, think about your specific situation to ensure you get the best treadmill for your garage and home.

A treadmill can be installed and used in a garage if it is dust and moisture free and maintained to a high quality. Set up the treadmill in a convenient location for when it’s in use and when it’s not, and place foam padding underneath it to reduce noise. There are numerous advantages to keeping a treadmill in a garage, including the convenience of having one so nearby and year-round exercise regardless of the weather.

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