How long should I run on the treadmill? 2022: Guide

A treadmill is the right choice for the weight loss journey. The treadmill is a popular way to get cardio exercise because it is convenient and eliminates excuses about walking or running outdoors.

No matter if it’s hot, cold, rainy or stormy, or it’s pandemic, if you have a treadmill, you can do your workout easily. 

As far as your concern is to burn fat from the body, you need to have control on your diet too. A treadmill alone cannot do wonders. 

However, excessive running on a treadmill can lead to various problems. On the contrary, running too slow on the treadmill will not yield results. Know your body capabilities and know your machine first before you start your workout plan. 

Is running beneficial for health?

Running is considered as a vigorous physical activity. For a healthy body, a 10-15 minutes run everyday is beneficial. Research says, running helps in reducing a lot of diseases including cancer and cardiac issues.

In addition, it increases the strength of your muscles and bones and builds your stamina. Nobody knows your body more than you. Excessive running on the treadmill can cause stress to your joints and is not recommended too. 

If your body allows a 15 minute run everyday, stay on it. Gradually increase the time. But if you feel any joint pain or stress on muscles, it’s better to look for your timings. 

Running for weight loss

Running every day can be helpful for you to burn extra calories. In addition, it helps build your stamina and is beneficial for your heart as well. 

Running plays a vital role in weight loss. With a consistent running pattern, you can burn as many calories as you wish for. However, look for your food habits too.

While you keep running on the treadmill and consume fats and oil at the same time, it would not let you reach your fitness goal. Therefore, eating healthy is essential alongside workout.

Once you reach your desired weight, it doesn’t mean you can decrease your running time. Keep your workout in flow and increase the timings and incline as per the capability of your body. 

How long should I run on the treadmill?

How long should I run on the treadmill?

With the planned weight loss journey, a body gets used to the routine and hence there are less chances to encounter any stress or pain in the muscles. 

Your fitness goals and your current fitness status elaborate how long you should run on the treadmill

If you are a beginner and you just have started running, it’s better not to overburden yourself. Start running at a comfortable pace for approximately 15-20 minutes for three days in a week. Keep the same routine for weeks until you feel that you are comfortable with this pace and timing.

Slowly increase your timings and from 15-20 minutes, pace it up to 30 minutes for four days a week. Keep your body comfortable and stress free. Weight loss and staying fit and healthy needs patience. You cannot achieve your desired psyche and weight in a few days. It asks for consistency. 

With the right and balanced amount of food and continuous workout, you are not too far to reach your fitness goal.  

Once you get off the beginners level, the recommended time period for running on a treadmill is 300 minutes a week for extensive health benefits. This will help burn1 kg in a week. You can split it 3 times a week or 7 days a week, whatever you are comfortable with. 

Unscheduled workout timings are also not recommended. 

Intensity of running on a treadmill 

With the timings you need to look for the intensity with which you are running on the treadmill. Beginners’ level should start with a slow pace and incline. Gradually increase the incline and the timing as well. 

When your body gets comfortable running 30 minutes four days a week, you can increase the timings to 1 hour keeping the incline in mind. The more incline you include while running, the more intense your workout becomes.

An intense workout consumes more energy so watch out so you don’t bring that extra stress on your body. Also, always use a heart rate monitor to keep detecting your intensity level and pulses too. 

1 LB of fat is burnt taking 3500 calories. So it might be time-consuming and you start feeling there’s no great difference. Keep going with the pace that you have set for your body and be consistent with your workout plan. 

Important points to monitor while running 


It’s very important to keep your body hydrated. While you run on the treadmill, don’t keep yourself dehydrated. Drink excess water because when you run, your body sweats a lot.

This way, a lot of water sweats out. It’s necessary to have a good water intake while you do your workout. 

Sometimes this happens when we are too engaged in the workout, we forget to monitor heart rate. Keep a check on the RPM and keep detecting it. If you feel your heart rate is increasing or decreasing rapidly, bring your body at ease and take a break. 


If you are at beginners level, increasing incline or decline too fast can be harmful for you. Also, don’t set the incline too steep. If you do so, you might encounter too much strain on your back, hips and ankles. Increase the incline/decline pace gradually and not all at once. 

Enjoy your workout 

Focus on adopting an exercise regime that you enjoy doing. If not, you might get bored of your workout sessions and that leads to demotivation. 


Time investment is required for whatever purpose you are running for. That being said, you must have got the answer to how long you should run on a treadmill. 

Stay consistent and motivated to what you have planned for. Watch your eating habits and keep working out. You are not too far to reach where you wish to see yourself. Happy running! 

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