How much does a treadmill weigh in 2022: Guide

Be it a manual treadmill or a motorized treadmill, since its inception, a treadmill has proved to be a great machine for burning fat and keeping your body in shape. 

Before buying a treadmill, there are certain thoughts in one’s mind as to how much does a treadmill weighs, how much space it occupies, what’s its maintenance policy and so on. 

This article helps you find out some of the top treadmills in terms of their weight and user weight capacity so it would be easy for you to make a choice. 

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What makes a treadmill heavy?

There are some of the treadmill models still being purchased by the buyers that have a light frame. Meanwhile, these are some of the factors which make a treadmill heavy:

●      Frame

●      Motor

●      Running belt


There are different materials chosen for building up the frame of a treadmill. Mostly it’s metal or steel. For durability, metal is preferred. It’s accurate to say if the body frame is stronger, it can undergo different weight limits and can bear pressure too.

It doesn’t mean lightweight treadmill frames are useless or if your treadmill’s frame is lightweight so it doesn’t come in any counting. It’s just a matter of weight capacity and every treadmill has different weight capacities. The stronger the frame, the more it can withstand heavy user weights and for this reason, it adds to making a treadmill heavier. 


One of the heaviest parts of a treadmill is it’s motor. Just as in humans, the most important factor is the heart. Similarly in treadmills, the motor has to be powerful and of high HP. This way it can undergo various speed limits and can stay for a longer period as well.

However, the treadmills introduced in 2021 are more advanced with a variety of options. The features and specs are quite different. It all depends on the operation of the motor. If the motor is strong, all the operations will be carried without any hassle. The more features and advancements call for a heavier motor and so it adds to the weight of the treadmill overall. 

Running belt

A treadmill is known for its belt. You just push the on button and the belt starts to move forward. Just as the motor and frame of a treadmill is important, so is it’s rubbing belt.

Advanced treadmills have brought a feature of incline and decline in the treadmill which is a plus because more incline/decline means you can have an intense workout putting more energy and stamina which is directly proportional to losing weight and fat burn. 

The treadmills that are specially manufactured considering heavy users have wider running belts for their convenience. But a wider belt means more weight on the overall structure of the treadmill machine.


A normal touchscreen on a treadmill weighs around 10-12 kgs. However, the touchscreen has made life easy for the people who workout. They can have their iFit sessions online on their screen.

They can detect speed, distance, heart rate and time on the screen. A touch screen is indeed a helpful part in the treadmill but it does add weight to the machine overall. 

How much weight capacity a normal treadmill has?

Most of the treadmills are made to bear user weight till 200-230 LB because mostly people weigh in around or in between these figures. 

These machines are manufactured to bear such weight capacities without any hassle. 

However if your weight is not in between 200-230 LB then you should look for treadmills with heavy weight capacity. These treadmills are specifically designed and structured to cater body workouts for people who weigh above 230 LB. One of the best heavy weight treadmills for 2021 is Sole TT9 with a user weight capacity of upto 450 LB. 

Benefits of using a heavy treadmill

Though some of the parts of the treadmill makes it heavy, there are some benefits of using a heavy treadmill. These are;

  1. These treadmills have better shock absorbency.
  2. The belt is usually wider than the normal ones.
  3. Higher user weight capacity. One disadvantage of lightweight frames is that they aren’t durable.
  4. Some of them have easy transportation via wheels underneath. The wheels make it portable to move from one place to another. So even if it weighs higher, you don’t have to worry how you are going to move a bulky structure within your home.
  5. They are long lasting as compared to lightweight treadmills. 
  6. They offer automatic workout. 
  7. They have a wide range of speed since their motor is of high HP. You can easily carry out intense and toughest workouts with such machines.  

Top 5 treadmills and their weight comparison chart

Treadmill Weight of machineUser weight capacity 
Sole F80278 LB375 LB
NordicTrack 1750310 LB300 LB
NordicTrack X22I320 LB300 LB
Horizon 7253 LB325 LB
Sole F63280 LB325 LB

Final Word

Whatever you choose for your workout journey, be it a manual treadmill or a motorized treadmill, it’s up to your budget and as per your requirements. How much does a manual or a motorized treadmill weigh? I am sure you must have found your answer to this question through this blog. Standard weight of a treadmill is in between 200-350 LB. Don’t let marketing fluffs fool you and choose wisely. Happy shopping. 


Q1. Are manual treadmills recommended for weight below 200 LB?

A.Manual treadmills have lighter body frames and they weigh as little as 62 LB. They don’t cater to high user weight.

Q2. Are treadmills bad for your knees?

A. Treadmills are helpful in building bone density. However, if you increase the speed and intensity of your workout, it would increase the risk of putting extra pressure on your bones. 

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