How To Reduce Treadmill Noise In An Apartment in 2022

Treadmills are the kind of workout machines everyone is well familiar with, not only for their effectiveness but also, for their ability to install at your home easily. However, one thing you might have overlooked while buying a treadmill was its potential to make loud noises.

Are you being a fitness fanatic or someone who’s trying to lose weight at your apartment? But if your treadmill noise is keeping you away, don’t worry, we got you! There are a few things we might suggest you get the answer of how to reduce treadmill noise in an apartment.

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What causes a noisy treadmill?

First things first, to get rid of your treadmill’s noise you must diagnose what exactly might be the cause of its noise.

There might be several reasons behind your treadmill that causes it to act up, like:

  • Clogging of the treadmill motor
  • Belts aren’t fitted properly or are worn out
  • A misaligned part

Ways to make treadmill noise go away

Now that you have diagnosed the cause of your noisy treadmill, here are a few techniques that can help you jog on your treadmill quietly. Say goodbye to your neighbor’s complaints of noise!

1. Use a rubber mat

The quickest and best way to reduce treadmill noise is by putting a noise reduction mat underneath your treadmill machine.

This mat can not only benefit you by reducing noise, but it can also be easy on your pockets. Jackpot? I would say, yes. These affordable mats would help in absorbing all the unwanted vibration from your jogging on the belt.

It will also get rid of the vibration of the treadmill that shakes the house.

Another advantage you can get by using these mats is that it provides a barrier between your surface and your treadmill, which protects your floors from scratches.

Treadmill noise reduction mats are the most recommended option due to their low cost and easy method.

2. Change your treadmill’s location

Another easy and simple way of treadmill noise reduction could be relocating your treadmill’s location to a flat surface. Make sure all sides are even. It can cause damage to your treadmill if it leans on one side and shakes continuously.

If your treadmill is already on a flat surface, try relocating it to a carpeted area at your place. It can quickly cut down the noise as well as minimize the vibrations of your treadmill.

3. Lubricate the belt

Every treadmill has a belt installed that slows down and becomes dry from time to time due to enough friction. This belt requires proper care for it to work smoothly and quietly. To do so, you will have to lubricate the belt every 3-6 months. After that, it can easily minimize the noise.

Further, If you’re worried about what product you should use to oil your treadmill belt, don’t worry! It’s simple. Just google the model of your equipment and you will see different options available. You can get your kit at an affordable rate easily.

4. Position of your treadmill

One quick and simple tip would be to check the position of your treadmill. Be aware that your treadmill is not leaning against the wall.

In addition, if your equipment is positioned next to the wall, it might explain a lot why your neighbors are constantly complaining of noises.

Subsequently, it would help if you moved your treadmill to the middle of your room. Avoid putting it next to your walls. This way, it can reduce noise to an extent.

5. Soundproof your room

Next up, you have an option to soundproof your room. Now if you’re wondering how much it would cost, then let me be clear that soundproofing is not cheap at all. Not only is it heavy on a budget, but it also changes the appearance if it’s placed in your living room.

On the other hand, if money is not an issue for you then good news! You can easily install the soundproof system in your spare room.

If you are looking for a way more affordable option, you are at the right place. The simplest way is to hang a couple of layers of moving blankets on the wall. This way, the noise will be absorbed, and the echo shall be reduced.

6. Use anti-vibration pads

Getting some treadmill isolation pads, also known as anti-vibration pads, is another alternative for reducing the amount of vibration your treadmill produces.

These helpful small pads are often constructed of rubber on the bottom with foam on top to assist absorb vibrations from your machine, making it quieter when in use.

You can easily install these pads. Place them underneath the corners of your treadmill. It will reduce treadmill noise to a great measure.

7. Change your shoes

Just like using the proper rubber mats underneath your treadmill, it is important to wear the right shoes. Another feature to consider when purchasing running shoes is whether they have any sound-absorbing materials or not.

Avoid running with heavy shoes on your treadmill. It will slow down your speed. Moreover, it can cause belt damage as well as make a loud noise. 

It might help to reduce the noise of the treadmill in the apartment upstairs.


To sum it up, it is wise to diagnose the cause of your treadmill noise first. After you have figured out the problem, you can take further steps to resolve it.

As mentioned above, you can reduce treadmill noise in your apartment with whatever suits you. You can change the position of your treadmill, put on rubber mats, install a soundproof system, and lubricate your belt from time to time.

Lastly, you can always go ahead and buy a new treadmill if none of the problems seem to go away. Hopefully, this article provided you with useful information and helped you get rid of your problems.

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