How to replace a treadmill belt in 2022? Guide

Are you looking for how to replace a treadmill belt? So, read our research base information here in this article. A treadmill is a great workout machine that has made burning calories an easy task for people who find it hard to manage time at the gym.

You can use it as much as your capability allows you. There are no time restrictions and amid the covid, it’s great to carry out a workout at home, using your own machine. 

Be it your car; an air conditioner, refrigerator, or washing machine, everything after a certain passage of time needs repair, maintenance, or replacement. No matter how expensive a workout machine you have, fine-tuning makes it work better and increases its lifespan too. 

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When is the time a treadmill asks for a replacement?

You should check the treadmill belt after every three months to make sure it’s working in the best of its condition. If you continue to run on a worn-out belt, there are high chances the roughness of the belt will affect the deck of the machine to wear out more quickly too. However, don’t ignore these signs while using a treadmill;

● If the treadmill is frayed

● Makes a crackling sound

● Splits at the joins

● Curls up or down during the usage

● Ripped down from the center

● Wears thin

● Smoothness is not the same as when it was new

All these signs indicate that the belt can no longer proceed with the workout, or if it does, there might be problems arising, so it needs to be changed. It’s better you stay aware of those certain and unusual changes your machine brings so that you get its timely maintenance or replacement of its components if needed. 

What are some other factors you should keep a check on?

Here are some of the other factors as well that you should keep an eye on. These are; check for the belt slippage, check its lubrication, check its smoothness. If the slippage is more than normal, it asks for changes.

Check the deck and underneath if it’s properly lubricated or not. In case it’s not properly lubricated, use lubricants to avoid the hassle. Even if it doesn’t work properly, replacement is needed.

Also, check if there are changes in its smoothness as well. The roughness of the treadmill indicates replacement is needed and roughness usually occurs due to a lot of friction. 

How to replace a treadmill belt?

How to replace a treadmill belt

The replacement of a treadmill belt is not a hard nut to crack. Here, I have made a clear understanding of the process step by step with which you can easily replace a worn-out treadmill belt with a new one. 

What do you need?

Prior to the process of changing the treadmill belt, you will be needing a marker, screwdriver and obviously a friend to help you make the process easy. 

Step by step process

Here are the steps to replace a treadmill belt by yourself. 

  1. It’s important to disconnect the treadmill from the electric cord prior to the process so that there are zero chances of any uncertainty or sudden shock.
  2. Now that you have unplugged the machine, you are instructed to take off the hood to the motor.
  3. With the help of the market, you are supposed to mark the rollers position on the front and back bolts. 
  4. Remove the adjustment bolt of the treadmill belt and loosen it so that it becomes easy to move it back and forth. 
  5. Once you have removed the adjustment bolts, remove the bolts that are placed underneath the deck. 
  6. With the help of a screwdriver, undo the screws from the rear rollers.
  7. Now that the screws are removed, with someone’s assistance, tilt the treadmill bed so that the belt can easily slide off the treadmill bed.
  8. Once you take off the old belt, place a new one and be extra sure about its placement in the center. 
  9. Once you have made it’s placement sure, tightly put the bolts into the right position. 
  10. Align the belt with the marks and fasten the front roller belt and put any straddle cover as well. 
  11. Now that you have placed the belt and screwed all the bolts, check it’s tightness by lifting the treadmill. Once all the steps are done, replace the motor hood and test the belt on a slow setting.


Replacement of a treadmill at home is not an unachievable process. However, for safety purposes, it’s recommended to have assistance from any friend or family. 

Hope this repair guide blog has answered all the queries related to why a treadmill belt should be replaced and how to do it.  


Is it hard to replace a treadmill belt?

It’s not hard to replace a treadmill belt. However, it is recommended to take assistance from any of your friends or family as the treadmill is heavy, and lifting it can’t be handled alone. 

How often do treadmill belts need replacement?

A treadmill works best till 7-10 years. After this, your machine might ask for a replacement. However, it is recommended to have its proper maintenance so that it can work better timely. It’s not recommended to change the belt every now and then. You need to check the belt after every three months. If you find any uncertainty or malfunction, that’s when the belt asks for a replacement.

What causes a treadmill belt to tear?

It’s usually the passage of time. Another alarming factor is friction or if the belt is over-tightened. A lot of friction can make a belt worn out. 

What can I use to lubricate my treadmill belt?

Lubricating the belt helps reduce friction. However, the best lubricant for the treadmill belts is 100 percent silicone. It is available in both spray and liquid form and serves as the best option for lubricating the belt. 

What is the weight of a treadmill belt?

Usually, a treadmill belt weights around 11 to 15 kgs. 

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