2 NordicTrack Vs Sole Treadmills in 2022: Guide

When one sets out to buy treadmills, a wide range of treadmills in the market might confuse you. NordicTrack and Sole Treadmills are the names that you will come across during your search due to their high quality and features. Both NordicTrack Vs Sole Treadmills are famous fitness brands and the best choices to buy.

However, knowing their differences can help you find the one that is most suited to your needs. This article will reflect on the features and differences of Sole F80 and NordicTrack 1750 for your enlightenment.  So, let’s get started.

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1. NordicTrack 1750

NordicTrack 1750

Why Would you Choose NordicTrack 1750?

The NordicTrack 1750 is a great treadmill that speaks for its value. If you are willing to stream iFit workouts for your fitness and want the best quality features for your exercise; be happy to choose NordicTrack 1750.


Workout Programs:

One of the best features of NordicTrack 1750 is the availability of several workout programs designed by the best trainers in the world. 

Incline and Decline Ability:

The incline and decline ability helps to ramp up the workout intensity. The NordicTrack 1750 offers a 15% incline and a 3% decline. These features help to ensure better muscle strength, cardiovascular health, and better calorie burn.

Cooling Options:

This treadmill provides great cooling options, especially one that needs to stay cool during the workout. It has a built-in Auto Breeze workout fan that provides great comfort to the users.

Smooth Operation:

NordicTrack 1750 is the best quiet treadmill that offers a smooth operation. It can facilitate your workout without any hurdles.

Additional Features:

  • Availability of iFit coach data tracking and treadmill workouts.
  • Bluetooth audio capability.
  • Enough space for holding a book, tablet, or magazine.
  • Well-designed treadmill with tons of features.
  • Smooth and noiseless operation.
  • Availability of several integrated workout programs.
  • Well-suited for runners, joggers, and walkers.
  • Little heavy.
  • Difficult to assemble.

2. Sole F80

Why Would you Choose Sole F80?

If you are planning to buy an affordable treadmill for home use and looking for excellent features; do not forget to buy Sole F80. It is an award-winning treadmill that is perfect for both walkers and runners. So, why not go for it?


Rollers and flywheels:

The flywheels and rollers keep the treadmill noiseless and quiet. They help to maintain the smooth operation of the treadmill. 

Steel Construction:

This treadmill is of superb quality. It has a good quality steel construction with a bullet-proof frame that keeps the treadmill integrated. 


The incline of the treadmill can be easily adjusted at 15 distinct levels.

3.5 Hp Motor:

This treadmill has a powerful motor that helps to maintain speed between .5 to 12 mph.

Additional Features:

  • Lifetime warranty.
  • USB port and Bluetooth audio speakers.
  • Smooth and quiet operation.
  • Takes less space at home.
  • Has several user-friendly features.
  • Has ample space to put up your things like the bottle, keys, or phone.
  • 10 preset programs are also available.
  • Difficult to install.
  • Not easily movable.

Comparison between NordicTrack 1750 and Sole F80

Whether you are young or old; a treadmill can help you achieve your fitness goals. NordicTrack is a commercial treadmill whereas Sole F80 is a home model.

Both are excellent and highly rated treadmills that you shouldn’t ignore. Both models have high-power motors with long and wide running belts.

They have built-in fans and speakers, Bluetooth devices, heart telemetry, and other built-in programs. Both have a 15% powered incline with a 12 MPH speed. 

Apart from the similarities; both of these treadmills have significant differences. Their main differences are listed below:

1. Display Size:

The display size of Sole Vs. NordicTrack treadmill is 9 and 7 inches. The NordicTrack 1750 has a clear display where users can easily navigate the treadmill with the help of their fingers. The powerful touchscreen display allows the users to comfortably watch whatever they like during their workout. The Sole F80 has a 9-inch LCD screen and it is not as impressive as the NordicTrack’s display but still, it gives a better view than many other brands. 

The category winner on the account of display size is NordicTrack 1750 without any doubt. So, why not buy it right away?

2. Warranty:

When it comes to warranty; there is also a difference. The Sole F80 has a lifetime warranty on the deck, motor, and frame. On electronics and cover parts; it offers a 5-year life warranty whereas the labour is covered for two years.

The NordicTrack 1750 has a decent life warranty. It offers a 10-year life warranty on its frame, a 2-years life warranty on the parts where it is 1 year on labor. 

In this dimension; the Sole F80 is surely the winner. So, if you need a treadmill for home usage having a lifetime warranty; you should readily buy Sole F80. 

3. Incline and Decline:

The incline and decline settings help the users to burn their calories with ease. The Sole F80 comes with a good incline range that is up to 15%. However, it does not grant any decline settings.

The NordicTrack 1750 provides the user an opportunity to use incline up to 15% and a decline to -3%, respectively. 

In this comparison between Sole Vs. NordicTrack; the winner is NordicTrack 1750 that helps to burn more calories as compared to the Sole F80. 

4. Motor Capacity:

The motor capacity of the NordicTrack 1750 is large as compared to the Sole F80. The commercial 1750 has the capacity of 3.8 CHP whereas it is 3.5 CHP of the Sole F80.

When it comes to their operation, the Sole F80 is a little louder as compared to the NordicTrack 1750. If you are stuck in deciding which one to buy among these two; it is important to look at this characteristic as well. 

The winner in this dimension is the NordicTrack 1750 as its motor is more powerful as compared to the Sole F80. 

5. Cushioning:

Cushioning provides comfort, relieves the pressure, and supports the posture. The deck cushioning of the commercial 1750 is more flexible as compared to the Sole F80.

The Sole F80 is thinly distributed as compared to the NordicTrack 1750. Though both of these treadmills provide great comfort to the users, the NordicTrack is one step ahead of the Sole F80.

The former provides an adjustable cushioning feature that helps the users to turn it up or down as per the need. You can turn it up for a softer ride and you can turn it down for a road-like feel. 

NordicTrack 1750 is the winner in this dimension as well. So, why not go for it to achieve your fitness goals?

6. Consoles:

The consoles of these treadmills are quite different. Therefore, it is worth considering this feature so that you can enjoy your workout as per your need. The Sole F80 provides a fairly basic console and helps you to monitor your progress.

It gives data as distance covered, calories burnt, time taken, speed incline, etc. Moreover, it has a console fan and 10 built-in workout programs to facilitate the users. The NordicTrack 1750 provides an impressive console and you can monitor your progress on a full-colour, touch screen, and HD screen.

There are around 50 programs available on this treadmill where users can connect with an iFit session free of cost. 

Though both of these treadmills provide good console features, The NordicTrack 1750 is the winner on this account. If you wish to get extraordinary console features to enjoy your workout; the NordicTrack 1750 is the right choice for you. 

7. Entertainment and Tracking:

Gone are the days when people used to run or jog on a treadmill without any entertainment opportunities. Now, people want more when doing their workouts. Both of these treadmills offer great entertainment and tracking things but there are surely few differences.

The Sole F80 gives you a media shelf where you can put your tablet, or listen to your favourite shows, listen to music, and nothing beyond.

The NordicTrack 1750 gives you several options for enjoyment. These include a connection with iFit programs via your tablet or console where you can have great workout lessons. Then, there are virtual reality fun programs that you can enjoy during your walk on the treadmill. 

8. Controls:

One of the interesting features of the Sole F80 is the hand-side controls. The incline speed can be changed with the help of the console in both treadmills. But the hand side controls on the Sole F80 can greatly facilitate the users.

It gives a handy option to adjust or make quick changes as per your need. So, the leader in this dimension is the Sole F80 due to this intriguing feature that you shouldn’t ignore. 

9. Treadmill’s Weight and Weight Capacity:

Though many users do not care about the treadmill’s weight, it is still an influential factor especially if you are relocating or living on rent. If you are looking for a light-weighted treadmill among these two treadmills; then buying the Sole F80 is a better choice for you. It weighs 278 pounds whereas the NordicTrack weighs 310 pounds.

The weight capacity of both of these treadmills is outstanding but the Sole F80 can hold more weight than the NordicTrack. The former can easily hold a weight of 375 pounds whereas the latter can only accommodate a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. So, if you are an overweight individual; it is good to consider the Sole F80 treadmill as a priority. 

10. Dimensions:

The winner in this category is the NordicTrack 1750 because it is 1-inch wider and 4-inches taller than the Sole F80. The dimensions go up as the quality tends to increase. Though both of the treadmills are of the finest quality, the NordicTrack commercial 1750 dimensions are better than the Sole F80. So, why not go for it? 

11.  Materials:

The material of both of these treadmills is of good quality with solid metal frames. However, the Sole F80 is the winner in this dimension. This is because thick and tough plastic is used in plastic parts of the Sole F80 making it a better choice.

The plastic parts of the NordicTrack are made from thin plastic that only looks good. If you require a better treadmill surface; it is good to consider this factor as well before making the right selection. 

12. Folding and Storage Capacities:

Both of these treadmills can be folded with ease. But the Sole F80 provides an extra convenience in this dimension. The F80 deck release handle is located high and on the side unlike the NordicTrack’s where it is located in the middle. This feature helps to fold the Sole F80 with much ease. 

As far as the storage capacity is concerned; the NordicTrack 1750 is a better choice. It has a space-saver design that works well for areas having a tight space.

If you are looking for a treadmill with extraordinary features but have less space to hold it; you should readily buy the Commercial 1750 without any second thought. This treadmill can be folded into a “V” shape to consume less space. So, why not go for it?


The NordicTrack 1750 and the Sole F80 both are great treadmills and perfect choices for doing a workout. But, the NordicTrack 1750 dimensions are far better than the Sole F80 and it has more built-in programs to facilitate the users.

If you are unable to decide on which treadmill to choose; the Sole F80 and the NordicTrack 1750 treadmill comparison (as given above) can be of great use to you. Pay considerable heed to the above-given points so that you can make out the right selection. Happy buying to you.

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